Meter Replacement Project

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Saint Paul Regional Water Services is implementing a new, radio-read, water metering system throughout its service area.

The new radio-read, water metering system will bring efficiency to meter reading and billing operation and eliminate estimated bills due to inaccessibility.

Driving by homes and businesses to get meter readings will be more convenient for our customers, who no longer need to allow meter readers onto their private property, and less labor intensive for the utility, providing cost savings.

How Does it Work?
The new water metering system incorporates an off-the-shelf, battery-operated radio transmitter onto the water meter.

The water meter, with its integrated radio, transmits a relatively weak radio frequency signal, producing radio frequency waves many times lower than many other everyday items found in homes, such as cell phones, baby monitors, and wireless routers.

When it is time to get your water meter reading, we drive by the property with a special receiver. Data consisting of your unique meter number and the digits of your meter reading are transmitted to our receiver. We use those meter readings in our billing software to generate your water bill.

If we can not get that data, an error code transmits. No personal information is transmitted.

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